33 awesome ideas for writing blog posts

33 awesome ideas for writing blog posts

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Do you struggle with your blog? Are you scraping the bottle of the barrel for blog post ideas?

Blogs are vital to your sales and SEO strategy. They should inform and engage your readers so you remain top of mind for when they need products/services like yours.

But coming up with something new to write about every week can be a challenge.

Here are 33 simple but effective blog ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Interview someone.
  2. Tell a funny story.
  3. Create an infographic.
  4. Write a tutorial.
  5. Share a photo of your desk and write about it.
  6. Write a case study.
  7. Write about an epic fail or success.
  8. Share some little-known facts about your industry.
  9. Reveal some important lessons you’ve learned in business and life.
  10. Write an “about me” post.
  11. Write about the pros and cons of something.
  12. Write “a day in the life of …” post.
  13. Publish a questions and answers post.
  14. Post an audio file instead of a text-based post.
  15. Write about the answer to a reader or client’s question.
  16. Talk about who inspires you.
  17. Write a quiz.
  18. Create a glossary.
  19. Give a product review.
  20. Write about an event you’ve recently attended.
  21. Write about the tools you use every day for your job.
  22. Recommend websites related to your industry.
  23. Share your favourite blogs.
  24. What are the biggest mistakes your clients commonly make?
  25. Review a book related to your business.
  26. Write about the apps you use regularly.
  27. Create a business manifesto and blog about it.
  28. Reveal what you do to wind down (keep it clean!).
  29. Write about an inspiring TED Talk.
  30. Share an opinion about a news article related to your industry.
  31. Write about a risk you have taken and how it did or didn’t work out.
  32. Write about what you wanted to be when you grew up.
  33. Make a post about your most popular posts!


Keep your blog posts short. Aim for 400-600 words to keep your audience engaged. And if you still need help writing compelling, shareable blogs for your business, give me a bell!


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