Got something to sell? But not sure how to get people to buy?


You need awesome advertising copy that knocks customers’ socks off!


Advertising copywriting must be compelling. It must be clever and easy to read. Most of all, it must sell!

But there’s a fine line between creating an ad that engages customers and repels them. It’s not enough to simply state what you are offering. You must explain how it will benefit your customers. If they can’t see the benefits, your product or service won’t matter to them.

I know how to write persuasive copy that makes people want what you’ve got.

Need a spiffy design for your advertising copy?

My creative design skills mean I can create your ad, too.

I have worked with large and small organisations to produce:

You can view my advertising design portfolio here.

So are you ready to get your product or service noticed?

Contact me at laurenshay@fullstoppublishing for your advertising copy now!

Lauren did an amazing job in developing the program, flyers and other brochures for our major conference, to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre in 2015. Because of its importance, we asked for several examples before making a final decision. She was patient and completely focused on making sure we got exactly what we wanted. She agreed to meet with me, in her own time, and was very responsive and professional. We were very particular in making sure it was perfect, and she engaged herself in the project as if it was her own. I have no hesitation in continuing to use her services and would recommend her without hesitation.

Peter Irving, Association of Self-Insured Employers Queensland