Do you struggle with your business blog?

Are you running out of ideas for blog posts?

Blogs are vital to your sales and SEO strategy. But they shouldn’t be a sales pitch.

A blog must answer a customer need, or highlight a need they might not realise they have. They must provide some kind of insight. They should make people think, feel and laugh.

Ultimately, they must encourage people to heed your call to action – whether it is to download a free ebook, join your mailing list or purchase your product or service.

Blogs can be keyword rich without being keyword bloated. The key is to carefully select the SEO keywords you’d like to target and use them effectively throughout the copy.

I love to write blogs. I write one for my business and one for pleasure! I also have written engaging, shareable blogs for business coaches, financial strategists, business networks and the health and fitness industry.

I have written blogs for:

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