Book and eBook design services

Are you working on a book you want to self-publish? Whether it is a work of fiction, non-fiction, a cookbook, family history book or photo album, Full Stop can design, typeset, edit and proofread your work.

Full Stop can also provide you with a high-quality ebook in PDF format for you to sell online or to share with clients, friends and family.

Full Stop also designs and edits product and training manuals.


Typesetting is the process of setting text onto a page for reading. I design an inside page template, which involves choosing fonts for body text, headings and subheadings, as well as deciding on text and image placement and design. Once the template has been given the thumbs up by you, I go on to typeset all the pages using this template as a guide. I provide you with a print-ready PDF that adheres to your printer’s page and margin requirements.

My inside page template fee is from $100 and my typesetting fee is from $7 per page. The number of pages in a book depends on the amount of text and images you have, and page size you decide to use. I can also design tables and models for an extra design fee ($50 per model or $70 per hour).

Book cover design

I can create a front and/or back cover design for your book. I can source royalty-free images for you (included in cost) or you can provide me with images you may wish to use. The cost includes one design concept with a few variations, and three rounds of revisions within two weeks of the date of your first draft.

The cost for a front and back cover is $370. This includes three 3D images – two paperback and one hardcover – in JPG and PNG formats, that you can use on your website, social media, promotional material, etc. I provide the cover to you as a high-quality PDF with the spine (the spine will need to be adjusted when it comes to typesetting the book once the total page count is known), a separate PDF of the front cover and separate PDF of the back cover.

If you would like a front cover design only, the cost is $300 and includes the three 3D images. If you decide later to have the back cover designed, the cost for the back cover is $70.