Need more website clicks? You need to optimise your meta tags!


“Meta what?” A meta tag is a marketing gold nugget. It is the title and description of a webpage that shows up in a Google search. It is usually the deciding factor for whether a potential customer clicks on your website or not.


An effective meta tag needs to include your targeted keywords to boost your SEO. But it also needs to give a concise summary of what your webpage is about and a compelling reason for people to click your link.


For example:

Meta tag copywriting

The tricky part? You only have 70 characters to work with for the title tag and 155 characters for the description tag!


It’s critical that you make these characters count. They need to be vibrant and to the point. Otherwise, potential customers will click on the competition. Full Stop can write effective meta tags that will get more people clicking your links so you can get more leads and clinch more sales. I can use keywords of your choosing, or research keywords for you.


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Here’s an example of a meta tag given the Full Stop treatment:


Old title tag:

Kute Kids Café & Play Centre

Old description tag:

Our Play Centre is a local, family-owned, indoor children’s café and play centre at Coopers Plains, on the south-side of Brisbane. While children to the age of …


NEW Full Stop title tag:

Brisbane’s best kids play café | Have a cuppa while the kids run riot

NEW Full Stop description tag:

Kids bored & you need a break? Relax as your littlies have fun in a safe environment at Kute Kids Cafe and Play Centre, Brisbane southside. Free WiFi.


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