Passion isn’t discovered, it’s created

Passion isn’t discovered, it’s created


I’ve been the editor of Trail Run Magazine Australia & New Zealand since January this year. I do this as part of my Full Stop Writing, Editing and Design services. Trail running is a passion of mine, so it’s wonderful to combine three of my life’s greatest loves – running, writing and editing – to produce each edition.


You may think that running and writing don’t have much in common, but they do. Both take persistence, struggle, stubbornness, curiosity, and a lust for life. They elicit pain and elation. And they require you to draw on a well of inner strength, one at times that may seem empty, but never truly is. In fact, one of my favourite authors, Haruki Murakami, is a runner, and muses about running and writing in the wonderful book, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.


I believe running also has a lot in common with running a small business, for many of the same reasons listed above (and others).


But, unlike writing, I haven’t always loved running, and I have to say, I haven’t always loved business. Both started out as a means to an end. I started running to lose weight. I started my business because I’d been made redundant, and I needed to earn money for my family (my daughter was just shy of 3 months old when I was made redundant).


The more I ran, the easier it became. And the more my desire to run further and get better at it grew. What started as streetlight-to-streetlight style running grew into 5km runs, 10km, 21km, then the marathon. Then, even further – the world of ultramarathons. I’ve run 50km, 100km, 100-mile and 200-mile-plus events, mostly on trails. I love running now. It adds so much depth to my life. Running has shown me I’m more than I ever gave myself credit for. It gives me confidence, health, freedom, an opportunity to explore, to meet people, and to be alone when I need it.


I’ve had a similar trajectory with my business, with plenty of ups and downs. When I started seven years ago, I really had no idea how to run a business. It was scary! But I did know how to write, and I knew how to edit and design. The more I worked and stuck at my business, the better I became at running it. My skills improved, too, and I learnt a lot from my clients. My business became more than just a means to an end. It’s a way for me to be creative, to help others on their path. I love working with my clients and seeing them succeed and grow. Nothing compares. And I’m constantly learning.


I don’t believe we discover our passions in work and life. I believe we create them. By showing up every day, taking small but consistent steps, we build our love for what we do. In doing so, we create opportunities for ourselves we didn’t know existed.


If you need help communicating your passion and expertise, please email me at I’d love to help you write, edit and/or design your next blog post, publication, or book!


Happy working, writing, and running!


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