What’s stopping people buying from you?

What’s stopping people buying from you?

Address customer fears in your website content

Fear is a powerful emotion. People are wary of working with or buying from someone new. Their money, time and even their pride is at stake. You present a risk to your potential customers!

So, what’s stopping people from buying from you?

Businesses are quick to point out the features of what they offer. They advertise all the positives of their products and services. You need to do this, of course. But you also need to ask yourself: Why wouldn’t people want to buy my products and services?

The promotional content you put out there – website copy, blog posts, print advertising – must address all the reasons why a customer might not want to work with you. You can’t cross your fingers and hope they’ll overcome their objections. It’s your job to allay your potential customers’ fears.

Common fears include:

  • The cost. People don’t want to pay too much
  • Losing money. Will they get their money back if they’re not satisfied?
  • Disappointment. Will you let them down?
  • Time and effort. Is the process simple and quick?
  • Trust. Can you do what you say you can do?
  • Other people. What will everyone else think if they buy from or hire you?
  • Getting out of their comfort zone. We’re creatures of habit. Doing something new can be scary and takes effort. Will you be worth it?
  • Ease of use. If what you offer is different or unfamiliar, is it easy to understand and use?

By identifying customers’ fears and objections, you can understand the obstacles that prevent them from buying from you. Don’t ignore them and hope for the best: tackle their fears head on in your website content.

Here are some ideas:

Create a FAQ section on your website

If you think cost might be an objection to your services, explain in the FAQ your pricing and why it is structured the way it is. What do your fees include? Let your customers know what they’re getting – high-quality products or services, expertise, ongoing support, etc.

Create a how-to guide

You could also create a how-to video. You want to make the process look as easy as possible. Offer additional assistance and ongoing support.

Write instructional blog posts and articles

Include tips and tricks in your e-newsletters. This also increases your visilbility and cements your expertise in your area.

Add a testimonials page to your website

This shows potential customers that others have been satisfied with your work, and they’ll be more likely to trust and buy from you.

By satisfying your customers’ concerns, they will feel more at ease buying from you. Taking the time to understand their doubts also helps to foster positive customer relationships. They’ll tell their contacts about you, you’ll get more referrals and sales. And you’ll have fans for life!

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