Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of writing for your business? Struggling to connect your words with your audience? Or are you simply pushed for time?

Great writing is a critical asset to your business. Words have the power to grow your practice, strengthen your positioning, and showcase your unique messaging and expertise with the world. They can also add real value to your clients and change their lives.

I know how to make words work for you and your audience. Whether you need killer copy for your website, blog posts, marketing material, a whitepaper, or that book you’ve been meaning to write, I will craft words that target, engage and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

As a former journalist, my work has appeared in newspapers and small press publications around Australia. I now work with businesses and solopreneurs to turn their kernel of an idea into something concise, targeted and impactful.

I can write for any project, big or small, as well as for the below more specific categories. Contact me at to discuss what I can do for you.


Blog post writing

Do you have a blog but struggle to find the time to post regularly? Blogs are an effective way of staying visible to your audience, attracting potential clients and validating your expertise, but writing them can be time consuming. Full Stop can help free up your time by writing your blog posts. As a journalist, Lauren Shay has the ability to research and write about any topic in an interesting, easy-to-understand way.

Website copywriting

Your website is like your virtual shop front: it will either attract customers or turn them away. It is vital that your website content is interesting and informative so that it attracts and makes the right impression on your target audience. Full Stop’s website copywriting service will help your website appeal to your ideal audience, encourage people to engage with your services and products, answer their questions and demonstrate how YOUR business is the solution they have been looking for!

Co-writing / ghost writing

Do you want to write a book but unsure of your writing ability? Or are you lacking the time? Full Stop can help by either co-authoring or ghost writing your book. Writer and journalist Lauren Shay has a flair for words and the ability to write in any style you require. She also has a knack for eliminating the jargon and turning difficult-to-understand copy into intelligible prose with a logical, easy flow.

Author bio / personal profile writing

A personal profile is a great way to validate your positioning as an expert in your field. Added to your website, media kit, press release and/or networking profile (eg. Flying Solo), a succinct yet informative personal profile adds validity to what you have to say and encourages others to want to work with you. For a personal profile to be effective, it needs to take into account your professional objectives. Full Stop will ensure your personal profile is interesting for others to read and aligns with your goals.

Writing a book? An author bio is a must. People are more likely to read your book if they know your personal and professional background.


Need help with writing for a different project? Contact me at so we can discuss your needs.

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